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Tolomatic produces pneumatic linear actuators, rodless cylinders, cable cylinders, and pneumatic slides. Tolomatic also builds servo and stepper motor operated screw and belt driven electric actuators, as well as power transmission components including right angle gear boxes, pneumatic clutches and disc brakes.Contact us today for FREE application assistance. Order Tolomatic Band Cylinders Online     Tolomatic pneumatic rodless cylinders, band cylinders, linear slides, cable cylinders and magnetically coupled cylinders/slides, and rod cylinder slides are made to fit and perform in the most demanding automation applications. You expect long-lasting performace, that's why all of Tol-O-Matic's new products are built with ENDURANCE TECHNOLOGY features, these features set a new standard for durability.  Put Tol-O-Matic products high performance products to work for you. All Tolomatic rodless cylinders are custom built to your specifications (in any incremental stroke length) in 5 days or less. You get what you want, when YOU want it!


WARNING:  "These products can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.  For more information go to "


Tolomatic Band Cylinder Sizing Software
Software File
Tolomatic Pneumatic Rodless Cylinder Sizing Software V 4.0.1
[ Download ] (6246kb)
Rodless Band Cylinder Sizing Software
Software File

This software provides the designer with an accurate and easy to use method to properly size a rodless cylinder to provide peak performance.

[ Download ] (6709kb)
MXP Carrage Adjustment Video
Software File
[ Download ] (16962kb)


Tolomatic Grippers and Rotariy Actuators (Discontinued 2005)

This archived catalog features the discontinued Tolomatic Rotary Actuators and Grippers

[ Download ] (541kb)
Tolomatic Cable Cylinder Catalog

Complete Tolomatic Cable Cylinder Catalog.  Tolomatic made the world's first rodless cylinder, Tolomatic Cable Cylinders are the unique and inexpensive means to provide long strokes in a small space. 

[ Download ] (8794kb)
Tolomatic Pneumatic Products Catalog
Complete Tolomatic Pneumatic Product Catalog
[ Download ] (33522kb)
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