101K/L Series Spacesaver Air/Hydraulic by Quincy Ortman Fluid Power


101K Series
Light & Heavy Duty Pneumatic
1.50 through 8.00 Bore
Roundline Pneumatic Service
Up to 500 PSI Pressure Rating

101 series is a unique roundline, space-saving design offered in light duty and heavy duty models.  This 50 year old proven design has remained primarily unchanged and has served exceptionally in the toughest industrial environments.  101 series cylinders can be utilized in both pneumatic and hydraulic applications.  They can be ordered in bores sizes from 1.50 to 8.00 with one of 8 mounting styles available.

  • 101K Pressure Ratings
    Light Duty        150 PSI
    Heavy Duty      500 PSI

  • Series Features:
    100,000 PSI min yield Chrome Steel Rod
    Key Retained Heads and Caps
    Precision Machined Steel Heads and Caps
    Bronze Rod Gland Cartridge
    Metallic Rod Scraper
    Steel Honed Tubing


101 Series Catalog
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