IX SCARA Series Robots by IAI Intelligent Actuator

Manufacturer: IAI Intelligent Actuator

IX SCARA (Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm) robots are ideal for high speed, precision operations such as sealing, dispensing, parts insertion, assembly, and more.
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With 16 new models coming out soon, integrating the IX SCARA into your design and application is now easier than ever...

Easy to Use

  • No programming experienced required
  • Built-in palletizing
  • 3D path capability

Easy to Integrate

  • Vision (compatible with all major vision systems)
  • Ethernet-ready
  • Cleanroom models
  • Wall & ceiling mount models

Series Features

  • Best of Class variety of off-the-shelf models (cleanroom, water resistant, wall mount, & more)
  • X-SEL® controller for exceptionally easy programming, calibration and troubleshooting
  • Absolute encoders (standard)
  • Profibus, DeviceNet, CC-Link, & Ethernet Network Communication
  • Z-axis "Push" function for easy control of compression force and torque
  • Award-winning path control and 3D path capability
  • Interference check zones: User-defined outputs turn on when a zone is violated (you can set as many as 10 zones)
  • Easy connector access and cable management
    • I/O, pneumatic, and electrical connections conveniently positioned at the top of the unit for easy access
    • Hollow vertical Z-axis for convenient routing of electrical cables and pneumatic lines for end-effectors
    • Alarm LED lights located on the top face of the robot for clear and immediate indication of any problems
    • Brake-release button also located at top to facilitate manual teaching of points

Actuator Specifications

With a current maximum horizontal reach of 800 mm and a maximum vertical reach of 300 mm, the IX Series features a maximum payload capability of 10 kg and a maximum speed of over 7000 mm per second.
  • Maximum speed of 7121mm/sec
  • Minimum cycle time less than 0.5 seconds*
  • Maximum rated payload of 10 kg
  • Full interpolated path motion capability
  • Minimum positioning repeatability of ±0.015 mm
  • Vertical axis with 200 or 300 mm stroke and 360° rotation
*Based on a 1" upward move, 12" horizontal move, 1" down move and return using the IX-500-200.


Controller Features

Using an enhanced version of IAI's SEL programming language (specifically designed for non-programmers), the acclaimed X-SEL® controller takes advanced applications and makes them plug & play easy.

You will dramatically reduce your engineering time and costs with the built-in-commands that simplify traditionally tedious programming tasks related to palletizing, dispensing, machine vision integration, and more.

Ethernet networking, high speed multi-tasking, synchronous drive control, infinite motion, expandable I/O and a unique "Push" function (for control of compression and torque) are just some of the benefits you get using the X-SEL® controller.

Truly User-Friendly Software

  • Assign your own names to all points & variables
  • Run operations line-by-line for easy fine-tuning and de-bugging
  • Control torque and compression with the innovative "Push" function
  • Teach just 3 points then use the "Palletize" command to have the controller calculate the rest



XSEL Controllers Explained in this video
Software File
Video Presentation and Introduction to IAI XSEL multi axis controller.
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IX-120/150 Ultra Compact SCARA Robot Catalog
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IX SCARA Series Catalog
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