Tolomatic BC4 Series Rodless Band Cylinders by Tolomatic Pneumatic Rodless Products


The Tolomatic BC4 Rodless Band Cylinder is a cost-effective, space-saving actuator perfect for applications wherre existing guided and supported loads require pneumatic actuation. It's unique internal load-supporting bearing design, offers substantially more bearing surface than other cylinders in its class. For applications where heavy side loads are not a factor, the Tol-O-Matic BC4 Series actuators provide hardworking, dependable performance.

  • Lowest breakaway and highest speed of the band cylinder family
  • Long life in high velocity applications
  • Standard magnet for easy retrofitting of switch sensors
  • Corrosion resistant tube design
  • Six bore sizes ranging from 5/8" to 2.5"

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Tolomatic BC4 Cylinder Catalog

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