PPG Series Perimeter Guarding by Pinnacle

Manufacturer: Pinnacle

Pinnacle Perimeter Guarding

Perimeter Guards utilize wider beam spacing than safety light curtains protecting personnel from "pinch point" or "point of operation" hazard zones. Perimeter Guards are designed to detect when an operator or passerby penetrates the perimeter of a hazardous zone. The Perimeter Guard safety light curtain will then initiate a stop signal to the machine control.

Triad Perimeter Guards also incorporate latching safety relays. This requires a manual reset after each penetration into the guarded zone. This is an addiitonal safety feature to protect the intruder from an inadvertant machine actuation while the intruder is within the work area.



PPG Series Specifications
Manufacturer: Pinnacle
Product: PPG Series Perimeter Guarding
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