Turn-Act VAL-U-ACT Process valves by Turn-Act

Manufacturer: Turn-Act
  • Heavy Duty Double Acting Ball Valve Systems

    Valve sizes from ¼” to 3”

    140 in.lbs to 800 in.lbs

  • Spring Return Valve operators

    Single acting with spring close or open
    Valve Operator Systems

Spring Return operators are formed by bolting a spring return unit to a double acting Val-U-Act operator. The return movement is effected by a clock-type spring which is pretensioned to about half the operator torque. The amount of pretention is large, compared to the rotation and therefore the torque does not vary more than 20% over the rotation.

Spring returns are factory-installed and adjusted. The spring returns have a worm drive adjustment for setting or changing spring pretension. By inserting a socket key into one end of the worm the spring pretension can be very easily increased or decreased to suit operating conditions. To increase pretension, turn the worm clockwise; to decrease, turn counterclockwise.



Val-U-Act Catalog
Valuact Pneumatic valve operator catalog
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