EOS Differential Pressure Switch by Canfield Connector

Manufacturer: Canfield Connector
A compact device used in place of proximity switches in order to sense the end of stroke and/or clamping pressure of a linear actuator. The basic working principle of the EOS is that port "A" and "B" connect in the pressure line anywhere between the actuator and the valve. Using a highly accurate differential solid state pressure sensor, the pressures are compared electronically within the EOS. Extremely consistent and repeatable proximity sensing based on reference pressure (from exhaust line) and dependent pressure (from input line) bring an added dimension to end of stroke sensing. The EOS is unaffected by changes in stroke length since it's sencing is based on pressure.  The EOS sensor lends itself well to applications requiring tactile type sensing.  Trip points are adjustable based on forces applied by the actuator. This unit is especially useful for clamping various size work pieces, for spot welding applications or where electronic magnetic proximity devices need to be constantly re-calibrated if the application requires changing trip points.  Installation does not require specialized cylinders (i.e. magnetic pistons, special flanged end caps, specialized keyways, or aluminum barrels) and works especially well on short stroke cylinders. The EOS features an analog output for analysis of pressure profiles used in clamping, staking, swaging or welding. This output can be connected to data acquisition or s.p.c. programs for process monitoring and control. The EOS is 100% AC or DC weldfield immune since its function is not dependent on magnetic or electrical fields
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