Differential Pressure Switch by Canfield Connector

Manufacturer: Canfield Connector
A compact device used in place of proximity switches in order to sense the end of stroke of a linear actuator.  A very finite sensing on pressure using the exhaust and pressure side between a double acting cylinder and the four way directional control valve creates the balance for exact cylinder position sensing based on pressure, not proximity.  The EOS-2 offers the same functionality as the standard EOS in an economical epoxy encapsulated package.  This unit is especially useful for clamping inconsistent work pieces for spot-welding applications where electronic magnetic proximity devices do not work as well.  The EOS can replace proximity devices on applications where proximity devices are used to sense end of stroke. Installation is easier than standard proximity devices and cylinders can be made of any material. Cylinders need not incorporate any magnetic pistons or special flanged end caps
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