SONUS - The smallest and lightest ultrasonic sensors by Baumer Electric Sensor Technology


Special features

  • Compact housing 10 x 14 x 27 mm
  • Small mass of just 4 grams
  • Scanning range of 200 mm
  • Teach-in button and external Teach-in input
  • Very small blind range
  • The new miniature ultrasonic sensor generation SONUS with its great performance is in the focus of general interest for good reason.


    SONUS, currently the most compact ultrasonic sensors on the market, excel with their tiny housing of just 10 x 14 x 27 mm. A housing for countless applications, particularly for installation in the smallest spaces or for the assembly of several sensors in the tightest places. Ultrasonic technology permits objects to be detected regardless of their color or transparency. Due to their small mass of less than 4 grams, they are optimally suited for installation in all light, quickly-moving handling units.


    However, the performance data is anything but minute. The scanning range is astounding at 200 mm, for the digitally switching proximity sensors and retro-reflective types and also for the distance measuring versions with analog voltage outputs. All three sensors have a means of electronic Teach-in with a standardized Teach-in sequence. Conveniently by pushing a button on the unit or alternatively via a control input, the desired switching points and scanning ranges of the sensors and the polarity of the 0...10 VDC analog output can be adjusted to any conceivable application.


    Industrial applications make high demands on the installation, electrical wiring and user-friendliness of sensors. The various sensor variants, such as the cable type, M8x1 plug or cable plug, fulfill these demands. The range is completed by customized package of accessories.



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