Weld Splatter Resistant Tubing by Freelin-Wade

Manufacturer: Freelin-Wade


SPARK-LIN® Weld Spatter Resistant Tubing Weld Spatter Resistant Tubing is manufactured with a 95A durometer Polyurethane inner tube and a specially formulated weld spatter resistant cover. The jacket protects the tubing from incidental contact with weld spatter.  The outer cover base resin meets UL94VO requirements and offers strong insulating properties while resisting oils, greases, acids, bases, aqueous solutions, ozone, heat, aging, and ultraviolet light.
The cover is approximately .030 inches thick and does not adhere to the inner tube, allowing the jacket to be easily skived back for fitting connection with conventional compression or push-in fittings.   Special jacket trimming tool is available for easy skiving.  SPARK-LIN is flexible with excellent bend radius capability, has a broad range of chemical resistance, and  can be formed into a retractable coil

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