Tolomatic Power-Block 2 Rod Cylinder Slide by Tolomatic Pneumatic Rodless Products


The Power-Block 2 rod cylinder slide's space saving design delivers maximum force and can withstand heavy side loads. It is the perfect choice for conveyor line stops and load lifting applications.

  • 6 bore sizes from 0.05" to 3.25"
  • Maximum strokes to 6" depending on bore size
  • Composite or linear bearings
  • Shaft diameters up to 1.25

Piston Magnet
Piston magnet is standard on all Power-Block 2 models for switch sensing. Use with optional dc Reed, Hall-effect, and ac Triac switches.


Plated Steel Tooling Plate and Threaded Bolt Thru-Holes
The Power-Block 2 features a plated steel tooling plate and threaded bolt thru-Holes for flexible mounting when integrating into new or existing applications.


Composite or Precision Ball Bearings
Choose from composite or linear bearings to give your application accuracy as well as cost efficiency.

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