Miniature, long range retro-reflective sensor by Baumer Electric Sensor Technology

  • very small design
  • high sensing range 4 m
  • LED for adjustment visible from the front
  • optimized optics for high functional reliability

The completely new developed Series 10 retro-reflective sensor with its polarization filter achieves a very high range of 4 m using a reflector measuring a mere 50 x 50 mm.

The specially developed optics are characterized by the fact that a high level of signal reserves can be attained at even very short spaces between the sensor and reflector. This ensures a high degree of sensor function even if the front cover of the sensor or the reflector is dirty.

The output indicator LED which is also visible from the front is a great aid when aligning the sensor correctly.

An integrated potentiometer allows the retro-reflective sensor to be adjusted to detect critical objects such as semitransparent sheeting or translucent paper.

The new sensor is available as either a cable or connector version in either NPN or PNP design. For applications subject to a high degree of contamination risk, an alarm output is also available to provide a timely failure warning.

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