Photoelectric sensors - Proven Series 14 by Baumer Electric Sensor Technology

  • One sensor family for all applications
  • complete product range with red light and laser versions
  • maximum flexibility through diverse connections
  • comprehensive range of accessories
  • The full line of the well established Series 14 photoelectric sensors with its manifold technologies and product versions now appears in a new guise, offering a broad variety of new options.

    The new, transparent rear housing section allows the sensor interior to be readily observed. The decisive advantage: Operating and reception LEDs can be viewed from practically every angle – offering a decisive advantage during sensor installation, adjustment and operation. The plug connection has also been optimized. The 4-pin M8 connector (S35A) is now available in a new metal version. This results in greater resilience and increased torque values.

    Reworking the housing design also allowed to create additional connector versions: Aside from an S35A metal connector, a new cable version and a new M12 (S14) connector version are also available. The cable version in particular captivates thanks to its specific features: The patented cable channel has been designed to allow users to lay the cable flush against the sensor housing whenever space is at a premium, thus requiring no additional depth space as is the case, for example, with a plug-in connector. In the same way, the cable channel can also face towards the back or upwards, allowing installation on a single surface.

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