Pluto Safety PLC by ABB Safety

Manufacturer: ABB Safety

Pluto is a programmable safety system intended for safety applications where it is not accepted that faults in the control system lead to loss of a safety function.  To achieve this requirement the system is designed with integral redundancy and monitoring. Unlike ordinary PLC systems, Pluto utilizes two micro-processors, which both control and monitor each safety function for correct operation. Each input to the system is separately connected to each processor, each having their own memory and executing their own program.  The processors continuously compare the results with each other to ensure integrity of data.

Every safety output is connected to both processors and cannot be set without the two processors both checking that the logic conditions in the application program are fulfilled. Most Pluto units have connections for CANbus and can be interconnected with other Pluto units via Category 4 Safety Bus. The degree of safety is the same over the bus as it is within each unit.


Pluto is constructed in a 45mm wide box for snap mounting on a DIN-rail in control cabinets or other suitable enclosures.

External wiring is connected via screw terminals.  To make it easy and to avoid incorrect connection when a unit is exchanged, the connector blocks are detachable so that individual wires do not have to be disconnected.


  • Emergency Stops
  • 3-Position Devices
  • Interlocked Gates/Hatches
  • Safety Mats
  • Light Curtains
  • Light Beams
  • Two-Hand Devices
  • Contact Strips
  • Foot-Operated Switches
  • Timing Functions
  • Logic Functions
  • Muting (bypassing)


Jokab Pluto Safety PLC
Manufacturer: ABB Safety
Product: Pluto Safety PLC
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