Focus Safety Light Curtains and Light Grids by ABB Safety

Manufacturer: ABB Safety

 If your company is concentrating on machine safety to protect your employees and manufacturing operations, then you need the new Focus Safety Light Curtains and Light Grids. The latest in a long list of machine safety innovations from Jokab Safety North America, the Focus product line is designed to be the most control reliable and dependable presence sensing devices on the market today.

The Focus Curtains and Grids offer unsurpassed ease of installation and alignment, plus built-in muting capabilities. They are rated Category 4 Safety Level and have received all necessary national and international approvals.

Focus Curtains and Grids provide muting flexibility with inputs provided for partial or complete muting. Features include bypass lamp supervision, automatic or manual supervised reset, 2 supervised PNP safety outputs with cross-circuit monitoring, and M12 connections. LEDs provide easy alignment and indication of pollution, power supply and output status. Outputs are overload protected for a maximum load of 500mA. Floating blanking is offered as an optional feature in the FB units.

Focus comes standard with a prereset function forincreased operator safety for applications where the operatorcan physically pass through the light curtain field. This function prevents inadvertent reset of a cell or machine,thus requiring a prereset button to be activated before thefinal reset function can occur. (Not available with FB units.)

Muting and Override

The “muting” and “override” functions are available on allFocus Curtains and Grids and is enabled directly when anindication lamp is connected. Muting implies that one ormore segments or the whole light curtain can be bypassedduring in and out passage of material.

In the Focus with muting there is also an override functionwhich makes it possible to bypass the light curtain/grid(i.e. activate the outputs if a machine start is necessary) even if one or more light beams are interrupted. This isthe case when the muting function is chosen and the Aand B inputs are activated. If during the muting operation a loading pallet has stopped inside the safety field after avoltage loss, the override function is used to enable thepallet to be driven clear.

Floating Blanking or Fixed Blanking

It is also possible to obtain the Focus Curtains and Grids with either “floating blanking” or “fixed blanking”. Floating blanking makes it possible to ‘disconnect’ a defined number of beams from the safety field. The object is then free to move in the safety field without the safety function being triggered. During fixed blanking, the object is not able to move in the safety field. The other beams are active with normal resolution. During blanking applications, the object must remain in the sensing field.


Optical protection in an opening or around a risk area for—

  • Mechanical and Hydraulic Power Presses
  • Molding Presses
  • Stamping, Riveting and Eyelet Operations
  • Automated Machinery
  • Robotic Cells
  • Conveyors
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Printing Presses
  • Welding Equipment
  • Machining Centers
  • Packaging Machinery


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