Three-Position Enabling Devices by ABB Safety

Manufacturer: ABB Safety

The Safest Solution during Troubleshooting, Programming and Testing

When you’re planning a machine safety solution that will help your company comply with the RIA 15.06 Standard consider the JSHD4 Three-Position Enabling Device. This hand-held device provides the highest level of protection for your employees by allowing the operator to be in control at all times. In addition, no one will be able to start the machine from the outside when the operator has stopped the machine with the Three-Position Enabling Device.

The pendant’s distinct and redundant middle “run” position insures that the equipment can be stopped either by squeezing or releasing the enabling button. This unique device provides the extra margin of safety needed when conducting set-up, programming, testing, troubleshooting or servicing robotic or automated equipment.

Ergonomic Design

The Jokab Safety Enabling Device has been ergonomically designed to allow multiple functions with one hand. The enabling button is actuated by grasping with the fingers to a distinct middle position, making it easy to hold for long periods of time. The enabling button incorporates two individual 3-position switches inside the rubber cover for redundancy. The enabling device can have up to two extra buttons on the front and top to be used for software functions such as start/stop, forward/backwards or up/down. They can also be used to provide a reset for a safety relay or any other function the user requires.

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