Foot-Operated Safety Switch by ABB Safety

Manufacturer: ABB Safety

Gives the Operator Extra Safety

The Fox, foot-operated safety switch, is used when the operator has to have both hands free during crucial safety device bypass operations. Fox is very safe because of its unique three-position function, doubled contacts and robust safety cover. Fox has been developed for industrial applications - i.e. it has high mechanical durability. Fox is used for set up on presses, bending machines, during adjustment of machinery, etc. Fox is available in single and double pedal versions. The double pedal is used for such tasks as jogging forward and reverse.

Safety Cover Protects Against Unintentional Actuation

To prevent accidental machine start by a person or falling objects, the Fox was designed with a robust metal safety cover. This feature fulfills the requirements outlined by EN 693 Machine Tools - Safety - Hydraulic Presses that also requires that the switch permit access from one direction only. The robust aluminum safety cover can withstand harsh environments.

Three-Position Function - Fox 31/32

A safe three-position foot-operated device means that:

  • Stop signals are provided in the top and bottom positions.
  • Start/ready signals for separate starting are provided in a distinct middle position.
  • After a stop in the bottom position, a start or clear signal cannot be given before the reset knob has been operated and then the pedal pushed into its middle position.

Two-Position Function - Fox 21/22

A two-position foot-operated device means that:

  • A stop signal is provided in the top, or pedal released, position.
  • A start/ready signal for separate starting is given in the bottom, or fully depressed, position.

Safety Level

A high safety level is secured by monitoring the pedal’s double contacts with one of our safety relays (see Connection Examples on page 48 in the Safety Relay section.)

Furthermore, the third ‘emergency’ position of the Fox 31/32 pedal enhances safety and is required during bypass for teach mode or jog mode



Fox Foot Switch
Manufacturer: ABB Safety
Product: Foot-Operated Safety Switch
Fox Foot Switch
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