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THE Tolomatic SLIDE-RITE GEARBOX Operates at faster speeds, with leakproof performance and low backlash.The NEW Slide-Rite Gearbox, like Float-A-Shaft, turns power around any corner, operates in any direction, slides axially along the drive or driven shaft and installs with ease. This new design uses a solid one-piece seals the gears from outside contaminants and insures leakproof performance. At low speed operation it offers a substantially higher torque output yet is capable of running at more than twice the speed of Float-A-Shaft.Available in a 1:1 ratio in both Compact and Standard styles. Features:One-piece aluminum housing, geared shaft and factory sealed bearings eliminates leakage Less than 1 degree of backlash on reversal of inputShaft speeds up to 1200 RPM Prelubricated and ready for installation Slide-Rite™ can slide along the shaft, limited only by the length of the keyway 45° helical gears are hardened alloy steel Bores are ground to 0.002" total tolerance Allows use of standard transmission shafting Mounting holes for use in shaft support Hardened steel bearing races for longer life


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