Epson G10 Robot

RG10-651ST3 Clearance Arm Only
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This Brand New Epson robot manipulator  is offered as an overstock special  from a fully authorized Epson robot distributor.  Retail price is over $20,000.  Really, Really reduced, Only $5,495!  This is for robot arm only, no controller.  Perfect opportunity to buy the spare robot you need. 

Lowest price for a brand new Epson G10 on the planet.

High Payload and High Speed Performance

  • High Rigidity Arm = Ultra High Speed
  • Tabletop mounted unit

Epson G10 SCARA robots take advantage of Epson's new high rigidity arm design to now bring both high payloads AND high speed together in one package. Most robots available today that promise higher payloads do so with extremely reduced cycle times and poor duty cycles. The G10 SCARA robots were designed to pack on a heavy payload and then run at high speeds 24/7. G10 SCARA's are perfect for higher payload applications such as machine load/unload, palletizing, mechanical assembly, pick and place applications, food handling and hundreds of other applications. With applications running in demanding industries such as Automotive, Medical, Semi Conductor, Food, Pharmaceutical, Consumer, and many others, Epson G10 SCARA's deliver the high performance required for todays demanding applications.

This special offer G10 SCARA arm is available in 650 mm  length with 180 mm  Z-Axis length.