ACE Shock Absorber Models 45 and 64

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ACE Controls Heavy Duty Adjustable Shock

ACE  Adjustable Shock absorbersMA Series Adjustable ShocksML Series Adjustable, Low Velocity Shocks

Industrial Shock Absorbers

High energy absorption and progressive adjustment

Energy capacity 3,762 in-lbs/Cycle to 11,506 in-lbs/Cycle
Stroke 0.91 in to 2.91 in

Adjustable and unique: These industrial shock absorbers from ACE, which can be precisely adjusted both at the front and rear, also contribute towards the success of the MAGNUM range. Equipped with excellent sealing technology, an annealed guide bearing and integrated positive stop, they are robust and durable.

These dampers absorb 50 % more energy than their predecessors but are built even more compactly. The larger range of effective loads also opens up options in design and assembly. This makes the ML range especially suitable for effective weights of 661 lbs. to 1,102,311 lbs. (300 kg to 500,000 kg). These shocks are the best option wherever application data changes and flexibility is required.

These adjustable industrial shock absorbers are used in all areas of industrial, automation and machine engineering, for gantries and integrated in linear carriages or pivoting units.


Energy capacity 3,762 in-lbs/Cycle to 11,506 in-lbs/Cycle

Stroke 0.91 in to 2.91 in

Impact velocity range MA: 0.5 ft/sec to 16.5 ft/sec. ML: 0.06 ft/sec to 1.5 ft/sec. Other speeds on request.

Operating temperature range 10 °F to 150 °F. Other temperatures on request.

Mounting In any position

Positive stop Integrated

Adjustment Hard impact at the start of stroke, adjust the ring towards 9. Hard impact at the end of stroke, adjust the ring towards 0.

Material Outer body: Nitride hardened steel; Piston rod: Hard chrome plated steel; Rod end button: Hardened steel and corrosion-resistant coating; Return spring: Zinc plated or plastic-coated steel; Accessories: Steel with black oxide finish or nitride hardened

Damping medium Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

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