Hansen Plugs Stainless Steel Straight Through

Hansen Couplings
Hansen Stainless ST Plugs
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303 Stainless Steel Construction

From $18.65 for the 1/8 NPT size.  Larger sizes available at additional cost

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Hansen Straight-through couplings are quick couplings that do not have any internal valves in either the socket or plug

They are normally used in conjunction with some form of manual valving to shut off fluid flow before disconnect.

Straight-through couplings offer minimum pressure drop due to the absence of internal flow obstructions.

Straight-through couplings normally have operating pressures in the moderate range of 1000-5000 PSI depending on the type of material.

Common materials are brass and stainless steel since these fittings are often associated with corrosive fluids found in fluid transfer applications

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