3TH Series Heavy Duty Hydraulic by Ortman Fluid Power

Air-Oil Systems
Manufacturer: Ortman Fluid Power

3TH Series
Heavy Duty Hydraulic NFPA Cylinder
1.50 through 20.00 Bore
NFPA Tie Rod Hydraulic Service
3000 PSI Pressure Rating

3TH series cylinders anticipate the ever-increasing demands of industry for cylinders with higher pressure ratings, longer service life, and reduced maintenance.  This robust cylinder offers 18 NFPA/JIC mounting styles and 7 rod end styles in bore sizes from 1.50 to 20.00.  3TH incorporates our exclusive Uni Cartridge Rod Gland, a retainer-held rod bearing for quick and easy replacement without disassembly of the cylinder.

  • Series Features:
    100,000 PSI min yield Chromed Hard Rod
    100,000 PSI min yield Tie Rods
    Steel Honed Barrel
    Precision Machined Heads and Caps
    Uni-Cartridge Bolted Rod Bearing
    18 NFPA/JIC Mounting Styles
    7 Standard Rod End Styles


Air-Oil Systems

3TH Series Catalog

Manufacturer:  Ortman Fluid Power


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