C Series Pneumatic Slide by Compact Air Products

Air-Oil Systems
Manufacturer: Compact Air Products

CD (Short Body):
Perfect for tight space and shorter travel where size and weight are critical.

CE (Long Body):
The longer body spreads the distance between the guide bushings, contributes to the rod rigidity, best for longer strokes and higher load applications


Stainless steel round line style
Available Bore sizes: ¾”, 1-1/16”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2” and 2”

Guide Bushings Types:
(2 per guide rod)
Linear ball with shaft seals, high precision
Composite internally lubricated, high performance and cost effective

Guide Rod Types:
Hard precision ground shafts provide smooth tooling plate motion under load.
Oversize shafting utilized with composite bearing for greater rigidity with minimum rod deflection

Guide rod materials:
Standard hardened steel, hardened stainless steel, corrosion resistant coated hardened steel
Aluminum ceramic coated lightweight.

Tooling plates:
Machined mounting face.
Combination tapped and counters Bored mounting holes.
Close fit dowel pin holes and pinch type tooling plate connection.

Shock pads, stop collars,
Shock absorber mounting,
Proximity switch ready
Reed solid state switches available
Normal fit dowel pin holes available.