Lemax Compact Vacuum Pumps by Coval

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Manufacturer: Coval

LEMAX integrates ASC (AIR SAVING CONTROL) technology,

ASC has the effect of limiting energy consumption on two levels:

. Integrated vacuum regulation: reduced energy consumption and noise level.
ASC analyses the application and adapts to airtight or porous objects in order to optimize operation and energy consumption.

. Compactness: its reduced size and weight (130 grams) allow it to be fixed very close to the suction cups for a short response time without loss of pressure.
. Communication: the LEMAX supplies the operator with the correct information at each stage of the operation.
. Modularity: the LEMAX adjusts to the needs of the integrator and operator. It is available in 3 sizes: 3 standard nozzle diameters (1; 1.2; 1.4 mm) allowing a suction flow of 29 to 70 NI/mn (90% maximum vacuum).

It is possible to combine several LEMAX on island modules with a single pressure feeder.

Can be used to replace Venturi Vacuum Generators, Vacuum Module, Vacuum Ejector, Vacuum Pumps and Ejectors.

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Manufacturer: Coval