LinMot Servo Controllers by Linmot

Air-Oil Systems
Manufacturer: Linmot

Choose from 70 different controllers

  • Analog. digital, step and direction and most industrial fieldbus interfaces
  • Stand alone operation or use with an overriding PLC or computer
  • Point to point moves or up to 255 point motion profiles
  • 32-bit position resolution for very short or long strokes up to 6 feet
  • Master-slave synchronization for gantry applications
  • Encoder inputs for closed loop or line synchronization
  • Switched and transformer mode power supplies
  • 115 through 480VAC, single or 3 phase, 50/60Hz, multi-tap

Together, LinMot linear motors and LinMot servo motor controllers build an optimal drive system for linear positioning applications. LinMot motor controllers combine the functions of a drive system and a servo amplifier in one unit and are available in more than 70 variations featuring analog, digital, step and direction, and industrial fieldbus controller interfaces including Ethernet. These controllers are used as either a stand alone device or in overlaid communication with a PLC or PC. Regardless of the manufacturer and type of motor controls, LinMot controllers provide the right interface to connect to any master control system, thereby supporting simple moves as well as high precision movements including electronic camming or encoder synchronization. LinMot controllers feature 32-bit position resolution for either very long or very short strokes.

LinMot motion control application software enables the programming of customized applications directly into the servo motor controller. Up to 256 moves may be stored in the unit’s internal memory.

For simple, standard, or high-end applications, LinMot has the servo motor controller for your linear motor control system.