NIASA Electric Actuators by Compact Air

Compact Automation Electric Actuators: Anywhere you need configurability and flexibility — smartly, safely, cleanly.

Manufacturer:  Compact Air Products

The demand for smart and programmable actuator products is never-ending and ever-changing. That’s why we’ve partnered with NIASA to offer our customers even more flexibility with larger stroke sizes and precise, high-force, smart actuation.

Our electric actuators, offered exclusively in North America through a partnership with NIASA, are the premier solution in any application or environment that requires safe linear movement — regardless of the speed required.

They offer:

  • Greater movement and positioning precision
  • Superior energy efficiency through high performance

Additionally, our actuators are adaptable to most any electric motor brand for the ultimate in flexibility and high-end, high-force capability.

These electric actuators are ideal for industries like packaging that demand configurability and flexibility, while ensuring equipment meets clean room and sanitation standards. And with limited amounts of  lubricants or compressed air, our electric actuators help to minimize the risk of leakage and contamination.

We also offer a series of electro-mechanical actuators that combine the sleeve and stem system of our linear actuators with the gearbox of our screw jacks, delivering the advantages of both types of products. These are ideal for applications that require the movement specifications of a screw jack, with the additional advantage of being able to work under the most demanding environmental conditions.

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NIASA Electric Actuator Literature

Manufacturer:  Compact Air Products

[Download] NIASA Electric Actuator Literature