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PALTZ by beRobox

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Are you still manually palletizing?  Why?

Palletizing made simple - 4 easy steps.

1.   Move the work cell in place and hook it to power inlet.

2.   Power up the unit.

3.   Create your SKU.

4.   Let the automatic pallet pattern generator create the stacking strategy.


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Presence sensors

To confirm the presence of the case to be picked and activate the singulating gate.

Infeed skewed conveyor

Angled rollers drive the case directly to the pick point.


PALTZ work cell can be moved easily thanks to its 4 robust casters. It can also be moved using pallet truck or forklift.

5 area scanners

Security perimeter is delimited by 5 vertical area scanners to create the smallest secured footprint. 

Pallet detection

Robust pallet detection mechanism with dome light to indicate system status.

  • Red = no pallet detected

  • Green = pallet detected

  • Yellow = completed pallet to be replaced

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