Air-Oil Systems
Air-Oil Systems


Pinnacle Systems manufactures a full line of safety light curtains for hazardous area protection. These devices meet OSHA, ANSI, UL and CE standards for machine guarding and offer a two-year warranty.

Pinnacle MicroGuard Infrared Safety Light Curtains
Point of operation guards where operator interaction with the machine is critical. The invisible infrared barrier when broken sends a stop signal to the machine control and prohibits any additional cycles while interrupted.

STTS Safety Mat System
The Soft Tactile Transducer Sensor(tm) Safety Mat Systems are used for hazardous area or perimeter guarding. On automated or robotic work cells, any intrusion onto the safety mats by plant personel triggers a stop signal.

UltraTouch Ergonomic Palm Buttons
Zero force ergonomic palm buttons that are used as two hand controls when an operator or operators are required to maintain a safe distance when cycling machinery.