Numatics L2 Series Valve by Numatics Air Valves

Manufacturer: Numatics Air Valves


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Numatics L2 Series air valves offer speed and high flow capacity in a compact design. They are available either with solenoid pilot, air pilot, or hand lever actuation. The L2's slim design (1" body width) is ideal for inline mounting. The L2 may be mounted on one piece extruded manifolds from 2 to 12 stations, either as common supply with common exhaust or common supply with individual exhaust.

Numatics L2 Air Valve Specifications:

  • Cv: 1.7
  • Port Sizes: 1/4, 3/8 NPTF & G
  • 5 ported, 2 and 3 position, 4-way, spool & sleeve
  • Flow Capacity: 79 SCFM @ 80 PSIG / 1674 NI/m @ 6 bar
  • Main Valve Operating Pressure Range: 28" Hg. Vacuum to 150 PSIG / Vacuum to 10 bar
  • Pilot Pressure Range (Internal & External): 14.5 to 150 PSIG / 1 to 10 bar
  • Temperature Range (Ambient):
      Solenoid Pilot Actuated: -10°F to +115°F / -23°C to +46°C
      Air Pilot Actuated: -10°F to +150°F / -23°C to +66°C


  • Solenoid pilot, air pilot, or hand lever actuated
  • Hand lever valves available
  • DIN plug-in solenoid and plug connector with indicator light
  • Unlubricated or lubricated service
  • In-line or manifold mounted
  • Integral speed control available


Numatics L2 Valve Catalog
Numatics L2 Series Air Valve catalog L22BA4520
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