Safety Devices by ReeR Safety

Industrial Safety sensors for safety monitoring of dangerous areas

Manufacturer:  ReeR Safety

Safety devices pic

Contactless sensors – Magnetic, Inductive and RFID safety switches for position control of movable guards. The Contactless safety sensors are used to monitor the position of the safety devices sliding, hinged or removable.

Safety encoders – Safety Sin/Cos incremental encoder for any applications requiring speed monitoring of a rotating axis.

Safety interlock switch with guard door locking – Mechanical, electrical or other type of safety device, the purpose of which is to prevent the operation of hazardous machine functions under specified conditions (generally as long as a guard is not closed).

Laser scanner – AOPDDRs (Active Opto-electronic Protective Device responsive to Diffuse Reflection) measures the distance between the objects that fall into its sensing field by means of the small fraction of energy that is re-diffused by the objects themselves in axis with the direction of emission. AOPDDRs do not need a cooperating target for their operation, especially where the protected area is mobile, as is the case with AGVs, or where it is necessary to vary the position and size of the protected area during the production process.