Special Manufactured Actuators by Fabco-Air

Air-Oil Systems

Manufacturer: Fabco-Air
Adjustable Stroke

Cylinder specifications:

4" bore x 5" stroke
Hydraulic Shock and Speed Control
Magnetic Piston

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A modified MULTI-POWER® air cylinder and a linear slide for high force and precision guiding in an automotive application.
Capable of supplying 4,720 lbs. of force at 100 PSI, Fabco-Air designed a custom mounting/bearing block with eight pre-loaded, sealed linear ball bearings supporting four hardened, precision guide shafts and a steel tool mounting plate.

Air-Oil Systems
Air-Oil Systems

Huge hole through double rod air cylinder

Cylinder specifications:
10" bore x 3-1/2" stroke
7" Diameter hole through
8" Diameter rod

A customized a Hi-Power™ cylinder to fit into small parts assembly machinery. The large hole allows mechanical drives and pressure/vacuum lines to pass through to the point of use.

Air-Oil Systems

Pancake® II Cylinder has been customized to fit small space

We adapted a standard cylinder by milling flats on both end caps for precision alignment in medical packaging machinery. 4" bore x 1" stroke, the double acting cylinder has a high strength composite wall, hard chrome plated stainless steel piston rod, PTFE composite rod bearings and internally lubricated dynamic O-Rings.

Air-Oil Systems

Automotive under-hood application for drive train control

Cylinder specifications:
3-1/2" bore x 1" stroke
spring retracted, stainless steel piston rod,
hard anodized aluminum body.

The body has eight 0.13" breather holes in front of the piston and a special rod end. Mounting elements and the extend port are machined into the back end cap by the customer.

Air-Oil Systems

Under carriage mobile equipment is corrosion resistant

Cylinder specifications:
2-1/2" bore x 2" stroke

We modified a standard cylinder by adding a stainless steel mounting pivot and machining ports in the front and rear end caps. Additionally the stainless steel rod is hard chrome plated while the housing and end caps are electroless nickel plated.

Air-Oil Systems

Special cylinder design meets length restrictions

A modified 5" bore Hi-Power cylinder, designed with a special tool plate, uses long composite bushings for continuous guide shaft engagement. The bushings are supported at both ends in the heads. Length restrictions precluded use of overhanging guide shafts or double rod construction.

Air-Oil Systems

Special cartridge cylinder solves design problems in food processing machinery

We developed this 3" bore, 1/8" stroke, double acting, double rod, air cylinder to mate into a machined cavity in the heart of food processing equipment. External O-Rings on the body seal air passages to the extend and retract ports (shown at 2:00 o'clock in the photo). Designed for operation at 150 psi, the cylinder has a 2-1/4" stainless steel rod with a 2" hole through, PTFE impregnated hard-coated aluminum body components, and Viton seals for corrosion resistance and high wash-down tolerance.

Air-Oil Systems

Dual bore air cylinder

Cylinder specifications:
50mm bore x 2" stroke
double acting with
stainless steel piston rods and
hard anodized aluminum body

We solved one design problem by providing integral nests machined into the cylinder body to enable precise alignment of the customer's tooling.