Tolomatic BC2 Series Rodless Band Cylinders by Tolomatic Pneumatic Rodless Products

Air-Oil Systems

The Tolomatic BC2 Series Rodless Band Cylinder was the first Tol-O-Matic rodless cylinder design and has continued to receive product enhancements making it a solid performer for a wide variety of application requirements.

  • Maximum flexibility and versatile horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Six bore sizes ranging from .5 to 2.5 inches for optimal selection
  • Adjustable cushions for smooth deceleration
  • External bumpers on all BC205 models
  • Adjustable load carrying bracket provides true tracking and superior load support


Air-Oil Systems

Tolomatic BC2 Cylinder Catalog
Manufacturer: Tolomatic Pneumatic Rodless Products

Complete Tolomatics BC2 Rodless Cylinder Catalog

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