Tolomatic MX Series Rodless Band Cylinders by Tolomatic Pneumatic Rodless Products

Air-Oil Systems

Manufacturer: Tolomatic Pneumatic Rodless Products

Tolomatic MX is designed to outlast every other pneumatic rodless cylinder on the market

Air-Oil Systems
Air-Oil Systems

Tol-O-Matic ENDURANCE TECHNOLOGY features, the MX band cylinder sets a new standard for durability.

Durable bearings: Profiled rail design uses THK® Caged Ball® technology to reduce friction and extend actuator life. Solid bearing design reduces stress concentration by 59% for optimum performance. Internal bearing design is permanently lubricated for long trouble-free service.

Durable Bands: Strong stainless steel bands will not expand like elastomer (non-metallic) bands, providing reliable sealing over the life of the actuator


  • Low cost solution for applications with limited load and bending moment requirements
  • Lowest breakaway pressure
  • Best in many vertical applications
  • Permanently lubed internal bearing


  • Increased Mx moment capacity
  • Large bearing surface contact area minimizes pressure on bearing surfaces for long service life
  • Large carrier mounting pattern for more load stability and compatibility with existing BC2 applications
  • Engineered bearing material does not require additional lubrication
  • Solid bearings are field replaceable


  • THK® Caged Ball® bearings with reduced friction for reliable long life
  • High load and bending moment capacities
  • Low profile to fit your application
  • High precision bearings feature smooth, low breakaway motion


Air-Oil Systems

MXP Pneumatic Band Cylinder catalog
Manufacturer: Tolomatic Pneumatic Rodless Products


This is the Complete Tolomatic MX Series Pneumatic Rodless Cylinder Catalog

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Air-Oil Systems

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