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Baumer Electric Sensor Technology

Baumer are high-quality industrial sensors. Some of Baumer's unique precision sensing and measurement products include, Photoelectric, Proximity, Ultrasonic, and Laser sensors and well as force, measurement and vision detectors. Baumer makes instruments capable of measuring or detecting your product or process. Ask our experts to show you how Baumer products can help improve your productivity and quality.

Monitoring, positioning, sort, count - that is exactly what the sensors developed by Baumer do - maintaining the highest standards of quality, accuracy and compliance. Motion, speed and acceleration - controlling and regulating drives is the domain of the Motion Group. Measure, inspect, compare - to conduct complex quality inspections, modern vision systems detect millions of pixels and analyze the produced images just like the human eye.

Baumer is a manufacturer of cold and hot melt application systems and quality monitoring systems for the printing, paper, corrugated cardboard and wood assembly industries.

Air-Oil Systems, has the local inventory and technical expertise to help you utilize Baumer's sensor solutions to reduce cost and increase the output of your automation projects, giving you a competative advantage. Put us to work for you today!

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