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WARNING: "These products can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to


IAI Electric Three Jaw Gripper

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Brand New ROBO Cylinder, 3-Finger Gripper, Slider Type, Actuator Width 62mm, Pulse Motor, 10mm stroke, and 3m cable                                 

GO Switch

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New Old Stock, in original box.  60% off

Numatics Hazardous Location Valve

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Brand new old stock.  Never used.  24 VDC Single Solenoid 4-way 5 ported  1/4 NPT ports Hazardous location valve 

Class I Div I Groups A,B,C,D

Class II Div 1, Groups E, F, G

 New Price is over $350  these are offered at less at more than 50% off.

Only 4 valves at this price. 

Tolomatic 1 inch Bore Rodless Cylinder

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Tolomatic 1 Inch by 29 inch stroke MXP Rodless pneumatic cylinder

Tolomatic MXP Rodless Cylinder

This slightly used air cylinder was used by a customer for a very short time and then returned for a larger bore model with more force.  List price on this actuator is over $500...Millions of cycles are left, Yours for $99.00

GO Switch 30 series

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Brand new old stock 30 series GO switch.  In box

GO Switch DPDT

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Brand new old stock.  Series 75 GO switch with 6 foot leads.

2 Pieces at this clearance price.

In box.  60% off

IAI Servo motor

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Brand New IAI AC servo motor.  200watt, internal incremental encoder.  Over $1,000 from the factory

Cylinder with Rod Lock

RodlockCylinder Clearance
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This is a special cylinder for project that was never used.  2.5" Bore by 7" stroke double rod end air cylinder with a pneumatic release brake.  Rod is 5/8" in Diameter.  The pneumatic rod brake will hold the cylinder rod stationary wherever air is exhausted.

Noshok Pressure Switch

800-1-2-145-2 Clearance
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New Noshok Programmable pressure switches.

1/4 NPT connection.  0-145 PSI range   2 Outputs NC or NO (PNP or NPN)

This is a very high grade quality switch, that normally sell for over $400.  Presently overstocked and offered at less than half price while they last. Made in Germany for NOSHOK  


ELF8344G050MO Clearance
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ASCO 4-Way 3/8 NPT Double Solenoid Valve

Brand New Never used

EFL8344G050MO   120 VAC  Explosion Proof


13 Pieces available at this give away price

Brand New ASCO Valve.

Double Solenoid, Explosion proof 4 way valve with 72" leads.  120VAC

List price over $1300  yours for only $199.

IAI Motor


Brand new IAI Motor for SCARA robot.  Regular price $1480 now only $495


GO Switch

75-14568-A3 Clearance
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This is a brand new GO Switch DPDT with 6 foot long leads.

The -A2 is much more popular with 3 foot long leads, so cut off 3 feet of the wires and you have the A2.

Switch is over $320 if you can find one.  Here they are at less the half price.  Only 3 pieces available

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Hurry, limited availability ...This product will be discontinued in 2020

Numatics Overstocked 42 Series Compressed air filter.

Our customer ordered too many...

Brand New.

3/4" NPT 5 Micron filter element

Numatics 3/4 NPT Mainline Filter with Manual Drain.

Only 4 pieces at this blow out price! 

Numatics R424-06G  3/4 NPT Regulator

Brand New  Less than half price


This is a brand new Numatics R42R 3/4 NPT regulator.  List price is over $125.  Offered at less than half price! 

Hurry only six left.

Brand New Overstocked Numatics 42 Series Lubricator

Our customer ordered too many...Now they are available at substantial savings

3/4" NPT

Order Lubricating Oil

Numatics airline 42 Series 3/4 NPT lubricator.  This lubricator can be filled under pressure


ACE Shock

ML6425 Special

This ACE ML6425 Series has the optional food grade oil.   Overstock and offered at a fraction of the normal price


Industrial Shock Absorbers

High energy absorption and progressive adjustment

Stroke0.91 inch
A max.6.85 inch
L24.5 inch
M2-1/2-12 UNF inch
d12.37 inch
d21.90 inch

Energy capacity 10,046 in-lbs/cycle
Stroke 0.91 inch

Adjustable and unique: These industrial shock absorbers from ACE, which can be precisely adjusted both at the front and rear, also contribute towards the success of the MAGNUM range. Equipped with excellent sealing technology, an annealed guide bearing and integrated positive stop, they are robust and durable.These dampers absorb 50 % more energy than their predecessors but are built even more compactly. The larger range of effective loads also opens up options in design and assembly. This makes the ML range especially suitable for effective weights of 661 lbs. to 1,102,311 lbs. (300 kg to 500,000 kg). These shocks are the best option wherever application data changes and flexibility is required.

ABB Cable

2TLA020057R2000 Clearance
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Special ABB shielded cable.  Used mainly in safety wiring.  13 conductor.   Only 99 cents per foot.  approximately 800 feet available


Just order the amount of feet of cable you would like

Lubricating Oil

ATL032 Clearance
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This is an excellent airline lubricating oil for use with air tools and pneumatic actuators. 

One Quart of high quality light weight airline lubricating oil.

Material Data Safety Sheet and Specs

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Numatics 1/4 NPT Precision Air Regulator

2-40 PSI Adjustment Range

Numatics Quick Exhaust Safety Air Valve

S22-03 Clearance
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This is a brand new overstocked Numatics brand Quick Exhaust Valve.
3/8 NPT Ports 110VAC Coil with manual lock out slide valve.  Use this valve upstream of your pneumatic equipment to provide a safe and convenient way to dump the air from your machine in the event of an emergency.  When the machine is maintained, the proper personnel can use a padlock to lock out the slide valve to prevent unauthorized re pressurization of the machine.  When the machine is ready for start up simply move the manual lever to start position and energized the solenoid valve the Slow Start valve will allow the air to enter the machine slowly to prevent sudden banging of the pneumatic equipment.
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Numatics S42E series Quick Exhaust slow start valve with manual lock out 110VAC
Brand New Numatics Slow Start Lock out valve at incredible savings
Special Discount

Brand New Never Used Tolomatic BC3 Series Pneumatic Rodless Cylinder.   SORRY SOLD OUT

2 Inch Bore x 55 Inch Stroke with end of stroke Shock Absorbers


This overstocked cylinder retails for over $2800.00!  This is a bargain at only $449.00

Hurry...Only One piece left!

Numatics VS46-06

VS42-06 Clearance
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Numatics VS42-06  3/4 NPT Air Shut Off Valve
Brand New VS42-06 3/4 NPT shut off valve

NFPA Cylinder

3.25x3.75 Clearance
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3.25 inch Bore by 3.75 inch Stroke NFPA Air Cylinder

Turn-Act custom cylinder.  Customer made a mistake and ordered too many, never used. Over $300 value!

3.25 inch bore by 3.75 inch stroke, Stainless Steel tie rods, Integral Flow Controls so you can easily adjust the speed of the cylinder.  Rear Clevis mount with .75 Inch clevis pin. 1 inch rod with 3/4-16 male rod stud.  Only 4 available...Hurry,if you can use this cylinder in your application this is a fantastic price.

Numatics Rodless Cylinder

S1066500004AOO Clearance
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Numatics Rodless Cylinder

Numatics Rodless Cylinder 50mm Bore by 4" Stoke.

Brand new NEVER USED...This cylinder is over $500 List  Yours for 70% off list price.

Hurry this will not last long.


Norgren ISI Clamp Sensor

CP-S-C-1 Clearance
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ISI Norgren Prox Sensor


Norgren ISI Proxsensor for the Type FU Clamp. 

These are Brand New never used Proximity sensors

       ISI Sensor Specs


Part Number CP-S-C-1 with a 1.025 probe length,

canister style mount, Mini electrical connector 2 wire

20V-250V  AC or DC.

These sensors are sold for  $146.95  save over $100. 

These sensors will not last long at this incredible low price

Yellow Tubing

Yellow5-32 Clearance
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1000 Feet of Yellow 5/32" OD Polyethylene Tubing.  Brand new, never opened

Only 2.5 cents a foot for high quality, brand new American made tubing!

(Same as 4mm OD)

Hurry only 3 Rolls at this blow out price!

Composite Fittings

Composite Fittings

Numatics Composite Tube Fittings.  Every fitting on sale!  Buy 10 fittings and get an additional 10% off.

While supplies last.

3-Way Solenoid valve

NAF261002N00P Clearance
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3-Way Poppet valve, 110 VAC, Din style spade connector

Prices Slashed

1/4 Ports, 1.8 Cv  36-145 PSI

Only 12 Left!

Brand New!

Numatics Solenoid Valve 1/4 Ports for less than $20


Polyurethane Tubing

Poly 1-4 Clearance
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500 Feet of Brand New 1/4"OD x 1/8" ID Polyurethane Tubing

Regular Price is $189.00

Hurry...Only 2 rolls at this low price

Polyurethane Tubing Special

Poly 3-16 Clearance
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500 Feet of 5/16" OD x 3/16" ID Polyurethane Tubing

(Same as 8 mm OD)

Brand new, never opened!  Regular Price $269.00

Hurry...only 2 rolls at this price

Vacuum Filter 3 Pack

RE1-3 Clearance

Vaccon Vacuum Filters Same as item above but sold in packages on three filter elements.


3 Pack of Vaccon RE1 vacuum filters.  (Package of 10 Shown)

Vacuum Filter

RE1 Clearance

Vaccon Vaccum Filters


Vaccon RE1 Vaccum filter.  Used in the Model VF125LPM, VF250LPM and VF375LPM  1/8, 1/4 and 3/8 NPT Vacuum Filter  Overstock...Hundreds available at this incredible low price.  Stock up and save BIG $$$. 

Packages of 3 filter elements are available as RE1-3 for $13.99

3/4 NPT 3-Way Ball Valve

.75 3-way BV Clearance
New Low Price
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Bronze construction. Quality manufactured by Apollo
Ball Valve. 10 Pieces available, stock up while they last!
Special Discount!

Baumer Diffuse Sensor w/ Background Suppression


PNP  with Teach Function



Baumer Photoelectric Sensor

FHDK-10N5101 Clearance
Special Discount
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Baumer Diffuse Sensor with Background Suppression

NPN with teach function


Special Discount
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Baumer Photoelectric Sensor

4 mm thick, 11-30VDC   sensing distance 30 mm


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Fabco-Air Pancake Cylinder

1.5" Bore x 3.0" Stroke Double Rod End

Brand New Fabco-Air 1.5 inch Bore by 3" Stroke air cylinder.

Double Rod End.

This brand new, never used air cylinder has a retail price of over $150.00. It can be yours at less than half the normal price.  Hurry only 2 pieces are available

Wilkerson GPA-95-292

GPA-95-292 Clearance
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Wilkerson GPA-95-292 Connector Sleeve

This is a great price for a brand new Wilkerson Connector Sleeve used for the Wilkerson 16 and 26 series FRL's

Wilkerson GPA-95-292 Connector Sleeve.

These are brand new and original Wilkerson BLUE color

Wilkerson MSP-95-556

MSP-95-556 Clearance
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Wilkerson MSP-95-556

This is a genuine Wilkerson Coalescing Filter element made by Wilkerson Corporation.

Hurry only 9 pieces at this price!

Wilkerson MSP-95-556 Replacement Element.

Genuine Wilkerson Brand