Air-Oil Systems
Air-Oil Systems


Kyntronics EHAs are an excellent alternative to hydraulic actuator systems or high-force Electro-Mechanical Actuators. The all-in-one EHA design efficiently converts electrical energy to mechanical power, resulting in a cost-effective, compact actuator package that produces high force on demand.

  • The high-efficient EHA only consumes power on-demand
  • Eliminates costly and inefficient hydraulic infrastructure components
  • The all-in-one design prevents fluid escape, is industrially rugged and suitable for clean environments
  • Precisely controls position, force and speed for up to 160,000 Lbs (267 kN) of load requirements

Kyntronics EHA Features:

  • All-in-one design incorporates the motor, pump, valving, cylinder and drive amplifier into a single compact package.
  • High energy efficiency by utilizating the power of hydraulic conversion and power-on-demand operation.
  • Use of a Brushless servo motor & electronics provides precise control of actuator position, force and speed.
  • Accepts a range of input voltages (both AC and DC).
  • High force output in a small package.
  • Holds position without a brake.
  • Quiet yet robust.
  • Environmentally safe with leak-prevention design and no hydraulic hoses required.
  • Customizable to best fit your application requirements.
  • Simple setup and integration with common networks, including CanBus, Ethernet, Modbus and others
Air-Oil Systems

WARNING:  "These products can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.  For more information go to "


Air-Oil Systems

OEM Actuator Specifications
Manufacturer: Kyntronics
Kyntronics OEM series actuators Specifications

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Air-Oil Systems

Kyntronic High Speed Actuators
Manufacturer: KyntronicsLiterature
High Speed Actuator Specifications

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